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Company : Richmeg Industry Company Ltd.
Country : [TW] Taiwan
Company Description :
Richmeg is a QS9000/TS16949 Solenoid manufacturer in Taiwan and China. We specialized in SOLENOID , SOLENOID VALVE , ELECTROMAGNET , SOLENOID COIL , ROTARY SOLENOID manufacturer for different application. We can ODM or OEM different kind of solenoid and solenoid valve.

Our products have been exported to Japan, US , Europe and worldwide. The wide application that include office automation machines, electrical appliancos, transportation equipment, game machines, vending machines , elcctric lock , time recorder , Hard Disc., DVD-Rom and other electrical equipment.

We provide the competitive price with stable quality and soonest delivery time. Please contact with " RICHMEG " right now !
Company : Shih Shin Technology Co., Ltd.
Country : [TW] Taiwan
Company Description :
Shih-Shin is a QS9000/ISO9001/ISO9002 manufacturer (with TS16949 plan) specialized in SOLENOID, SOLENOIDS, SOLENOID VALVE, ELECTROMAGNET, SOLENOID COILS in Taiwan & China. Our products have been exported to Japan, America, Europe, Worldwide. Our product are applicable in automatic control equipments, electronic & electric machines, office equipments, toys, game machines, Automobile, Home electrical appliance, electronic locks, vending machines, etc..

Price competitive, quality reliable, delivery soonest. Please contact "Shih Shin" right now in order to obtain mutually benefit relationship.
Company : Kingfont Precision Industrial Co., Ltd.
Country : [TW] Taiwan
Company Description :
Kingfont was established in 1983 which is one of the world - leading manufacturers for connectors and related components. Kingfont initially concentrated in stamping process, above all, the progressive die development and manufacture of metal components. Backed by its years of experiences in mold and mechanical design, Kingfont has transformed from a precision stamping provider to a manufacturer of connectors of 3C, especially specialize in the field of Memory Card connectors.

Kingfont re-organized the company. We offer the best manufacturing process to run the operation closer to the market trend. Based on this, we are capable to offer rapid service to clients and make customer purchasing more sufficient to meet their various requirements. To service customers well is always Kingfont priority belief. We expect to be a reliable and trustable provider.

We insist to do the right thing at the first time. In other words, we follow the rules set up by Peter F. Drucker, the management expert. We do the right thing and do the thing correct, set up the goal for the company, make the most economical investment, sufficient management and that would lead to more favorable output. We believe that to follow these policy is the energy to make great progress.

As a Turn-Key Service provider, we make sure all operations are completed in house to meet OEM and ODM requirements. And we are able to offer whole package service. In addition, our well-equipped laboratory helps us assure quality and process controls are performed properly.
Company : Zung Sung Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Country : [TW] Taiwan
Company Description :
We produce auto and motorcycle electrical parts such as : Flasher Relay, Wiper Motor, Circuit Breaker, Resistor, Starter Relay and other auto-used electrical products.
Anything which relate to the control of D.C. high voltage, loading and timing intermittent control. Wide range of products forvarious purposes.
Company : WeBest Technology Co., Ltd.
Country : [TW] Taiwan
Company Description :
WeBest Technology Co., Ltd. has its owned factory located in Dong Guang China. The factory was established in 1998, mainly OEM the choke coils, ferrite cores. Our product line including the ferrite cores, filters, wide band chokes, power inductors, SMD, …etc. It’s promoted for use in DC to DC converters for portable equipments, mobile phones, PDAs, notebooks, digital cameras, LCDs, telecommunication, cool light equipments…etc.

WeBest Technology Co., Ltd. offer kinds of electronic parts and service to meet customer’s need with the dramatic change of IT technology and large market. Our factory executes ISO9001 very completely. Under exact development, stable producing process, strictly quality control, we upgraded our production capability all the time, and focusing on developing and making the small-size and precision SMD product to meet the trend of the market.

WeBest Technology Co., Ltd. Is made by most outstanding professionals who have years experiences and ability to develop the newest product in the industry. With advance production facilities and precise test equipments, we are an excellent group with developing technology, quality control, fullest experience of making coils. The most important is we ensure offering you the competitive price with excellent quality and the best price.
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